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We Can Paint One Wall, Room or The Whole Building


Prolocal painters provides a 24 months warranty on our manhandling service on all areas except floors, roofs and handrails which we provide for 12 months. Do note, the paint has its separate warranty given by the manufacturer.

Your quote has validity based on the type of services you have asked for. On commercial or residential services, you get the quote for 2 months. For corporate body service, the validity is for 12 months.

Of course! We are here to make your job easy and provide you with the best service. Our professional team members guide you through the colour selection procedure and helps you decide the best possible colour for your house.

We use the best quality product for the painting service from the market. If certain parts from your house require special paints, we make sure we use it.

Customer satisfaction is our prime priority. If you are satisfied with the paint being used, we will willingly use it for the painting process.

We provide a range of painting services to our customers. This includes interior and exterior house painting, body corporate, real estate, commercial properties and epoxy painting services.

It doesn’t matter what type of job it is. As long as the work is related to painting, we will do the job happily.

We have a large size team at our disposal to serve our customers. This makes us do the job as soon as possible. Just give us a call and enquire about your deadline. We will provide you the detailed answer and complete the work as soon as possible

Prolocal painters offers a complete guarantee on the work done. If you are not satisfied with the work done, call us to inform us about the same. We will do the necessary changes fast to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our team has a deep interest in the job we do. We read various news publications and keep ourselves updated with the latest paints colour, contemporary tools and many more such trends. This helps us to serve you better.

We have great years of experience. Over the years we have successfully painted hundreds of houses and delivered great results for our customers. We meet your quality expectations by doing the work effectively. Prolocal painters strives to achieve customer satisfaction through its unique services. When it comes to getting your painting done, look no further than Prolocal Painters.


prolocal painters
prolocal painters


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