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Painting Company Brisbane

Prolocal painters is a registered painting company Brisbane providing quality paintings services. We provide our services for house painting, commercial, residential, real estate, and many others at an economical budget. Whether big or small, we do every project with our complete dedication and offer quality service at the same time. We have a dedicated coterie of skilled painters who provide impressive craftsmanship to your walls. At Prolocal painters, you are assured of top quality and genuine aesthetic look. What makes us unique from our competitors? Involvement of our customers and paying heed to their demands. We work as per your preferences to provide the best quality painting services.

Are you planning on a complete home renovation soon? Or having trouble in making renovation plans as you have a lack of knowledge of it? With a lot of focus being on environmental care these days, we thought to put together a few handy tips in this blog to keep in mind for whenever you start on your next home improvement project with the help of Painting Company Gold Coast.

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A painting service that will make you WOW at the first glance.

Our Services

We accept painting contractors Brisbane from customers based on their distinct service needs. Our service is based on your particular requirement. We know a painting service is more than a change of colours; it’s a transformation, and we make sure we provide it to you. We solve all the problems related to the painting services through our exceptional painting services. We are available throughout Australia. This includes Logan, Ipswich, Brisbane, Gold coast, etc.

Our recent painting projects

Residential Painting services

We did this project a year ago. As we are the top result for the customers when they search home painters near me. The end result was pretty good due to the friendly behavior of our customers. The owners of the house decided on their favorite colour to be used for the painting. We did the job at the earliest causing no disruptions to the daily house chores. This was possible due to working during the off hours. The final work was accepted by all the parties included - the painters, owners and the moderator. Due to such great coordination, the final work was a brilliant sophisticated finish and an eye-catching house.

If by chance you do have any leftovers and you can’t keep it with you, you should immediately dispose of it straight away. Never pour any old paint down the drain or the gutter as this is only a hazardous effect on various water animals. Of course, if this is too much to keep in mind, for that it’s always a good idea to call a professional painter. It’s better to search for home painters near me for reliable services and instant quotation.

Commercial repaint services

We needed to do the repaint job of this commercial property. This was one of our best painting experiences because of the challenges faced. We were successful in renovating the property with fine touch-ups. The owners advised us to focus more on the protective aspects of the painting such as leveling the surfaces, blocking the leakages, etc. After the final work, the owner was pleased with the complete remake of the project.

Real Estate Project

The real estate property of the owner was drab and dull. As a result, there was no booking. Our end goal was to transform the property and help the owner to sell the house. We started with the exterior portion of the house. After completing the exterior part, comprehensive interior house painting services was done. As promised to the owner, we painted the house with great care and precision. This resulted in an overall refurbishing look and attracted many buyers. Finally, the owner was successful in selling his real estate property and we couldn’t be happier.

Our recent painting projects

Invest In, or Borrow Good Quality Painting Supplies Brisbane

Renovating can be expensive, so it’s tempting to cut costs wherever it’s possible. If you spend a little extra on good quality painting supplies, they can last you for many years, as this surety given by quality painting Brisbane. If you buy better quality brushes and rollers, you’ll definitely end up with a better-quality paint job and you come up to have excess materials that you’ll have to throw out after every time you get a home painting services. Reusing is a very important tip to keep in mind to avoid unnecessary waste of resources as well as money.

How many of us have gone into the garage and found endless tin boxes filled with old half-used paint? Not anymore! Keeping paint at the right temperature is the most important step for making sure you can use it in the future, as home painters give this level of the facility as well. Like a cupboard or a basement where there’s no chance of moisture getting into the paint or you can seal it properly.




When we researched on google for “commercial painters near me” and looked at the top result as Prolocal painters. Prolocal painters completely changed the look of our building. They painted both the exterior and interior of the building with great attention to details. They did the job as per our guidelines and the end result was a stunning building. Super happy after the final work. Recommended for those who want to get their home renovated with great painting.
I liked the way they answered all my questions prior to doing the actual work. We coordinated well and found the best possible colour for our garage. I am happy with the painting and look forward to working together.
Prolocal painters did their job before the deadline. The team conducted themselves in a great manner, giving us the freedom to put in our suggestions.
The quality of the painting service was really great with best interior paint Logan. The cost was affordable and the final work made it look like a steal. We are pleased with the craftsmanship of the painters.
We loved the complete painting process. They were prompt, reliable and friendly. We got the free colour consultation which was amazing. The end result was better than we expected and we are happy with it.
Prolocal painters are a great company to deal with. They made the complicated painting process simpler and did their job with utmost perfection.
The painters always arrived at the work at the right time. They were courteous, attentive and highly knowledgeable about the painting industry. So, the result was a great service in the end. Thank You.
It was a great experience. My house got remodeled and a fresh new look. As compared to others, they walked us through the entire process before initializing the process. They lived up to their mission of customer satisfaction through their perfect service.
We are happy about the service. They also cleaned our property and arranged the furnitures neatly. Prolocal painters have a great knack of professionalism and creativity in their work.

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