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Best Exterior House Painting Services

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You’re tired from the daily work schedule. Like everyday, you come to your house for calm and serene mind presence. As soon as you reach your house, you see the deck and roofs paint eroded and damaged. This spoils your mood further.You have in your mind to renovate the exterior part of your house, but you’re worried about the tedious process. Sounds familiar, right? So are you searching for “painting companies near me”?

Exterior House Painting Services

You no longer need to worry. We have got you cover. Prolocal painters offers the best exterior house painting services to its customers providing a hassle-free experience.
The exterior part of your house is important to paint and refurbish efficiently. You also need to protect your exterior house part against the harsh weather climatic conditions.

Prolocal painters is a painting company Gold coast serving customers with exceptional painting services. With great knowledge about the industry, we help you throughout the painting process. This includes free colour consultation, preparation before renovation, painting and cleaning up facility. Each individual has their own respective demands. Some need only a small exterior portion to be painted while many prefer a complete work concerning the exterior painting. To ensure each client’s objectives are met, we cater to individual client requirements.
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"Providing quality service is our intent. We do it complying with your respective demands."

Our complete Exterior Painting process

We have a high skilled team to do the complete renovation of your house. With our Quality painting Brisbane, your house will be renovated according to your requirements. Our sole purpose is to provide you with a place painted with colours of happiness and love. To start with the process we first hear your views about the procedure, as in how would you like it to be followed. We then follow a standard exterior painting procedure after mutually discussing with you ensuring customer gratification. Here’s how we go about our process:

Practices to protect your home

Painting the exterior part of your house can cause inconvenience to you. But, at Prolocal Painters you are assured of your furniture, home and other belongingness’s safety. We cover the furniture with a protective covering to prevent any damage. The floor is also protected to preclude it from colour spots.

Exterior House Painting Services
Exterior House Painting Services

Exceptional Preparation

Exterior part of your house needs more care and preparation prior to painting. You need to prepare your surface for the painting to be done effectively. To get the final job done perfectly, devising a proper preparation strategy is a must. We fill the gaps with caulk to prevent water intrusions. Leveling the uneven surfaces and washing it to remove mildew are other preparation things we do to prolong the life of the repaint.


After the preparation is done, we start with the ideal painting procedure. We pay heed to every minute details while doing so. Prolocal painters use modern and high quality paints to restore the charm of your house.

Exterior House Painting Services
Exterior House Painting Services

Final cleaning

We clean all your furniture and floor thoroughly. The protective covers are removed and the belongings are placed at their place. At the end of the job, a swift clean up and trash removal is carried out by our team. This is done to let you free from the tedious job of cleanliness and enjoy the live painting.

We are experienced to help you for your paints

Prolocal painters have vast experience in the painting industry. We know the exact blueprint to deliver the ideal exterior paint to your house. When you choose Prolocal painters, you choose quality servicing, quick service, customer satisfaction and the perfect colours for your house. Floors, decks,
roofs, gutters, perch and pergolas, siding and masonry are the most important exterior parts of your home. We make sure they are protected with local painting contractors Brisbane.

Exterior House Painting Services

Floors and Decks

We take care of your floors and decks by painting and staining it extensively.

Exterior House Painting Services

Roof and Gutter

Get your roof and gutter painted effectively to prevent leakage and further harm.

Exterior House Painting Services

Porch and Pergola

Make your porch and pergola fab to enjoy nature during your free time.

Exterior House Painting Services

Siding and Masonry

Final sophisticated touch to the siding and masonry through our painting services.

Exterior House Painting Services

Featured Projects

Throughout the years, we have helped our clients get their house exterior paint done with great perfection. We cater to our clients house requirements to deliver customer satisfaction. Here are 3 projects we have done in the past

Exterior House Painting Services
Complete renovation

Smith had a problem with his roof due to the continuous water intrusion. He was also facing problems with the decks and gutters. He enquired about our service and decided for a complete exterior house renovation. Within 3 weeks we painted his house as per his will and solved the water intrusion and other related problems. We double checked our service after a week and he was ecstatic, with no issues faced.

Exterior House Painting Services
Queensland story

The client was annoyed due to the regular paint erosion, even after doing continuous paint servicing. After trying his hands with various shops, he approached us. We found the underlying problem in the exterior painting. Prolocal painters due to its usage of high quality paints did the painting within a 2 weeks time frame. We solved their ever present problem and the result was a happy client in the end.

Exterior House Painting Services
Johnson’s story

A paint’s general lifespan is 5 years. He was assured of the same. But within 2 years, the paint eroded, leaving Johnson livid. We promised Johnson of 5 years lifespan and he agreed. We are well above 5 years now and the painting is showing no signs of weakness. Johnson eventually got the promise delivered, but it was at Prolocal painters.

Why should you choose PLP for painting your house exteriors?

Your house deserves special care, more so the exterior part. As the exterior part of your house faces adverse climatic conditions, it needs exclusive painting care. With Prolocal painters, you get the following conveniences.

Exterior House Painting Services

You are assured of a hassle free quality service from the best in the industry.

Exterior House Painting Services

We provide solutions based on your individual concerns.

Exterior House Painting Services

The complete procedure is carried as per the Australian housing paintings standards.

Exterior House Painting Services

Our professional team adheres to the WHS standards, prioritizing safety and health.

Exterior House Painting Services

Prolocal painters is an authorized and verified company meaning we are liable to solve your problems.

Choosing the right paint finish

If you don’t have the option of waiting until the weather heats up, you can still choose a paint finish that is suitable for cooler temperatures or you can take the help of experts. This can help enhance the drying process and improve your overall painting experience without approaching lots of hassle upon it. Other important things to consider are to regularly check the forecast throughout the day and keep the room you’re working in warm and make sure any direct sunlight coming through is used to your best advantage and even take care during painting the exterior of the house.

Gauging the temperature throughout the day

Painting in cold weather can often disrupt the true effectiveness of the painting work at hand. Not only can it change the drying pattern and performance, but it can also often take longer to complete due to these external factors.  However, it doesn’t have to be hard work. With so many advanced products on the market today, there are some great alternatives to look out for that will give you the best exterior house painting Ipswich in the cold weather. Professional experts must be recommended in choosing paints that are specifically designed for cooler temperatures such as primers which give one-coat finishes and stain resistant paints. Creating an enclosed space to trap more heat will help improve the drying time dramatically. Exterior house painting Brisbane Services is well equipped to deal with these issues during winter and can help you achieve a seamless result, no matter what time of year it is. We are providing numerous painting projects include body corporate painting, so that you can maintain your building.


We are delighted with the service of Prolocal Painters. They did a job taking care of all the knitty-gritty details. We didn’t had to provide any changes as their final work was exactly what we wanted.
I was fortunate to select Prolocal painters as my house painter partner. After the final job they did, it made me feel happier about my selection. They helped me to understand the complete process without any hesitancy and did a commendable job.
My friend recommended me to Prolocal painters. I decided to go with my friend's suggestion and I am glad I did so. They overhauled my real estate property, increasing the value. This fetched me more money and got the house sold.

Exterior House Painting Services


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